21 March 2014

My first podcast is broadcast: The Fall of Heidelberg

What is there left to say? Thanks to the diligent help of my colleague, Detlev Scholz, a hazy picture of whom you will find below, my first story podcast has been broadcast. My translation out of Michael Buselmeier's 'The Fall of Heidelberg', read by myself. Do feel free to post any reactions to the story at the bottom of this blog post.
(Detlev Scholz, the man with his fingers on the podcast buttons.)

Vera Burlak and Marija Martysevych: Belarus stars at Leipzig

Photo of Vera Burlak, courtesy of belaruslitteratur.blogspot.com
Are there many visitors to Germany's second largest book fair who really know what they're looking for? When I drove down last week with two colleagues from Hamburg for the day for my first ever Leipzig, the conversation in the car was full of what we know but also what we do not know about our own aspirations.